is your turnkey solution for managed crypto investing.
Industry-Best 10% Fixed Rate Product

Earn 10% interest per year which is significantly higher than traditional bank deposits and payout options as often as daily. Scryptify offers you full flexibility by allowing you to add and withdraw funds at any time.

100% Asset-Backed Guarantee

Your funds are secured by asset-backed portfolios of overcollateralized loans. The collateral of each loan is subject to custodial insurance of $100 million provided by the world’s leading audited custodian BitGo and the insurance leader Lloyd’s of London.

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1 SCR token price
0.00014 BTC
ICO Participants

In order to make SCR token distribution process more efficient, the SCR price will now be linked to USD.

Users ‘lock-up’ their SCR (Scryptify tokens) in utility generating DeFi services, such as liquidity and lending pools.

1 SCR = $1.00
Fund distribution
  • 25% USDC Token
  • 25% DAI Token
  • 25% TUSD Token
  • 25% USDT - Token
Ave APY% Returns
  • 30% Locked ave 10% APY Fixed
  • 30% Leveraged ave 25% APY Variable
  • 40% Liquidity Pool ave 25% APY Variable

Frequently Questions

Scryptify LLC is a non-fiat investment group specializing in DeFi (decentralized finance) opportunities. Leverage our vast blockchain experience to streamline where best to earn the highest rate of return on your digital currencies.

As more areas of traditional finance adopt blockchain solutions, new opportunities open up for lucrative investment. Unlike traditional trading of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance leverages yield farming of governance tokens and participation in liquidity pools, often yielding attractive returns with reduced risk compared to traditional coin trading.

We invest using “stable coins”. These are crypto currencies pegged to the US dollar. Therefore, we have removed the risk of individual coin price fluctuations. Stable coins include: USDC, DAI, SUSD, TUSD, USDT, and others.

We do not deal with any traditional fiat (government issued) currencies. If you do not yet have any cryptocurrency, these stable coins can be exchanged for USD at a variety of online exchanges such as

One of the benefits to DeFi (decentralized finance) platforms is that they are inherently not centralized with any single company. DeFi platforms are “spread out” and primarily governed by Entereum-based “smart contracts” posted on a public ledger.

Usually, yes. There are specific insurance providers that will cover some DeFi investments against “smart contract” breach or hack. Depending on the size and term of your investment, the typical cost for this insurance is usually between 1% – 3% of the amount invested.

We typically recommend DeFi investments with returns ranging from a 10% APY fixed, up to variable rate products ranging from 15% APY – 35% APY. Like most investments, we can not promise a specific ROI and you should consult with a licensed financial planner before making any investment at all.

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